Talend Open Studio Training

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The following training classes are offered to Talend Open Studio users:

  • Talend Open Studio Foundation

    Dedicated to Talend Open Studio users, this course provides all the skills required to take full advantage of the tool, regardless the scope of the user’s needs. The course addresses ETL to load a data warehouse, database synchronization, Web services access, file transformation, and other capabilities. At the end of this course, users will be able to model their needs, generate jobs and deploy them.

  • Talend Open Studio Advanced

    Designed for Perl or Java developers, this course helps advanced Talend Open Studio users become expert in the tool’s advanced components and functionality, including jobs optimization, advanced debugging techniques, and other capabilities. Through this course, users also acquire required the skills needed to create their own components, allowing them to build on the features of Talend Open Studio.

Talend Open Studio Training
Talend Open Studio Training


Course calendar, pricing and terms

  • USA: course calendar | pricing and terms

  • France (classes in French): course calendar | pricing and terms

A commitment to quality

Like Talend’s educational team, certified Talend training centers are committed to delivering a high-quality program and are audited and re-certified on a regular basis. Our training program has the following characteristics, all focused on user requirements:

  • A pragmatic education approach/experience-driven teaching:

    Instructors have experience with real-life projects in the field and take a teacher-training course before teaching a Talend Open Studio class.

  • Industry focused courses:

    Working closely with Talend’s technical experts and listening attentively to each user's feedback, Talend’s educational team delivers effective training designed to meet the needs of users at various levels.

  • Training that provides ongoing development:

    In close collaboration with Talend's R&D team, Talend’s instructors work at constantly improving the educational content of our training classes to keep pace with the new functionality in our products and to anticipate future application enhancements.

  • A range of training locations for customer convenience:

    Talend's course programs are provided by a number of local training centers. They can also be offered at customer sites. Collaborative tools on Talend’s community web sites allow trainees to stay in touch with the Talend community, as well as with Talend developers and instructors.

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