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Roswell's 66th Anniversary: help an alien to repair its UFO!

This week, I see a new header for Google, a little game starting with an UFO crash:

Google Game

The game is user-friendly and no documentation is needed, the goal is just to build a new UFO. The ovni architecture is showed on the top right of the game (when you click on it, you can see the alien's dream).

The game is available on http://www.google.com/doodles/roswells-66th-anniversary and the scenario is the following:

  • Down from the mountain, autoticaly you catches the first element of your UFO

  • Go to the left to free the cow (click on the lasso) will graze some grass (and a hole in the ground appear...)

  • Go on the right and jump on the hole

  • Catches (click on) the jerrican

  • Put the Jerican's liquid on the small plant (click on the jerrican, and on the plant) and the plant grows fast!

  • Mounted on the plant and get out the hole ...

  • Go right to the farm and climbing the ladder to catches the horseshoe

  • Use the lasso/horseshoe to catch the second part of your UFO (on the right of the roof)

  • Go right and grab the bag of seeds

  • Continue on right and give the seeds to the chicken (a click on the bag, a click on the chicken)

  • Grabs the pen ... and go a little on your left, just in front of the tree

  • Put the Jerican's liquid on the small tree (click on the jerrican, and on the tree) and the tree grows fast!

  • Mounted on the tree and use the pen to tickle the sleeper

  • Catches the last part of your UFO :)

At end, when the game is finished, you can see the screen as below:


Publication Date: 2013-07-08

Tag: google

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