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50 Years of Amnesty International!

To celebrate this 50th anniversary, the French section of Amnesty International launch the game Bulletproof available on Iphone and Ipad! Available in 5 languages, this application educates us on the Amnesty goal: the human rights.

The games available on mobile phone are increasingly used to attract attention and to relay messages. According to the opinion of the first users, the game is popular with young and old users!
Its costs 79 cents Euro, it does not be a lot of money for the association, but the fact of "paying" is a first step that will help users do do more in a next step :)

The context of the game is a bit murky (but not as much as are the abuses in our world!), the goal is to interpose between a firing squad and a victim... and stop the bullets!
You need to "press the screen " to stop the bullets. 10 levels are available, the number of bullets to stop are growing at each level.


The 50 years of Amnesty International are not limited to this game, please visit http://www.amnesty.org to discover the different animations that are proposed :)
To promote this game, you can relay the url http://bulletproof.amnesty.fr and the following video:


Publication Date: 2011-05-01

Tag: Human-Rights Serious-Games

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