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Yammer, an enterprise microblogging service

Yammer is an enterprise social network service that was launched in September 2008. Unlike Twitter, which is used for broadcasting messages to the public, Yammer is used for private communication within organizations, making it an example of enterprise social software. Yammer originally launched as an enterprise microblogging service and has evolved to become a fully-fledged enterprise social network. Yammer 2.0 is now described as a Facebook for business :)

When you create your own network, you must precise your professional email address, finishing by "@mycompany.com".

Sign Up on Yammer!

 Business Model

An Yammer network accepts as members only the users with an email address ending with the same domain name, here @mycompany.com. So it is dedicated to businesses, communities, associations, or any other club who already have a website :)

Registration is free and allows you to enjoy all the "users features" need to test and validate the solution. The commercial version does not offer more "users features" ... but allows:

  • The access to administrative functions of the network (eg to moderate trade, remove users, or even contributions).

  • Better notifications management (leas e-mails are sent to the members) :)

The free version is enough to test the concept without commitment. However, the commercial version seems essential for any professional use ;)

The users features

Feature GroupThe features available are the same as in most social networks :

  • Members: the members directory, to learn more about these colleagues

  • Groups: to organize exchanges with groups of members

  • Communities: to create sub-networks

  • Topics: to tag these contributions (it's a tag cloud!)

  • Invite: to invite our colleagues to participate in the network

The features are basic ... but the presentation is user friendly! The user take easily the tool in hand :)

The graphical interface is very similar to Facebook, the features are similar.

Yammer network organizes exchanges in a group:

Feature Group

As shown in this screenshot, the mode of expression is the microblogging: it is necessary to speak in short sentences and quickly.

The number of characters is not limited, but the lack of formatting creates difficulties to read a long text. It is very close to Twitter ... and in the first days of Yammer, the most common definition was "Twitter for Business" :)

You can add documents (images, pdf and more) to each of these messages. It allows to share and support your speech with your  "work items" :)Each group can contribute along different way:

  • The discussion of the group:

    • update: to indicate our "current activity" (what I'm working today)

    • question: to ask a question to all group members

  • Social Bookmarking:

    • Link: to suggest hyperlinks to web to share these readings

  • Giving its opinion and to seek the views of others:

    • Poll: can launch survey

  • The link between Real Life and the social network:

    • Event: used to announce events ... and employees meet in person (back to real life!)

The sub-community

All employees are on the company network and share together, however they work only rarely together on the same project. To bring together some of the employees within a particular project (or a particular area of ​​interest), it is possible to create sub-communities.

A sub-community Yammer is a new network, all features are present ... except the creation of sub-community :)

Sub-communities are features that allow to support specific projects, work closely to coordinate the activity of several employees. This feature can replace many exchanges of mail, and use instant messaging for "peer to peer" discussions.

Different applications to publish

Yammer has a major advantage that facilitates user adoption: you can connect to the network from any computer and from your phone :)

A website exists, type its URL is https://www.yammer.com/mycompany.com. As can be seen in the screenshots above, the user interface is clear. Here's the homepage screen:

Homepage Yammer

To access the social network of your company, you can install on your desktop the application Yammer Desktop, a software like a messenger. Here is an overview:

Yammer Desktop

At end, the mobile version can be constantly connected

Version sur IPhoneVersion Mobile

For more information, please visit the Yammer website :)

Publication Date: 2011-09-01

Tag: social-network

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On 2012-06-27, Olivier: This month, Yammer has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Microsoft.

After the close of the deal, Microsoft will continue to invest in Yammer's freemium, stand-alone service, and the team will remain under my direction within the Microsoft Office Division.

Over time, you’ll see more and more connections to SharePoint, Office365, Dynamics and Skype. Yammer’s expertise in empowering employees, driving adoption, and delivering rapid innovation in the cloud will not only continue to power our stand-alone service, but also anchor the communication and collaboration experiences in Office 365 :)

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