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Become a Talend Ambassador

Talend announces the Second Talend Awards! In the first edition, a jury comprised of members of Talend’s technical and marketing divisions and senior management, designated winners in two categories, Best Technical Use and Best Return on Investment/Best Business Gain”. Please, read the press release announcing the Talend Awards winners 2008.

This challenge is dedicated to the user of Talend Open Studio, Talend Open Profiler, Talend On Demand, Talend Integration Suite or Talend Data Quality. Are you achieving a return on investment or business gain? Are you getting exceptional performance out of your data integration or data quality processes? Nominate your project for the Talend Awards 2009!

Talend Awards 2009If your project is selected by the jury, you will:

Become a Talend Ambassador
Talend Ambassadors are recognized by the Talend Community as expert users of Talend technologies.

Win the latest iPod Touch!
The winning entry in each category will receive an Apple iPod Touch. In addition, up to two runner-ups may also be selected and will each win an iPod Shuffle.

Get recognition
Talend will communicate extensively toward the IT Press and Analysts, and the community, with the results of the Talend Awards, and the winners will get coverage for their projects and achievements.

Nominate your project now!

Publication Date: 2009-03-10

Tag: Open-Source

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On 2009-03-27, Talend Guru: IMPORTANT Update.

Good news for Talend users: the deadline to submit your project has been extended from the 31st of March to the 20th of April, midnight.

To enter the Talend Awards, you will answer questions to have your project selected to become a Talend Ambassador and win an Ipod Touch. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete!

Submit your entry to the Talend Awards today: http://www.talend.com/awards/

On 2009-07-02, Olivier: Talend Reveals Winners of Second Annual Talend Awards!

Talend Recognizes Cymat Technologies Ltd., Habitat 76 and Altic for Innovative and Effective Data Integration Projects Using Talend Solutions

LOS ALTOS, Calif. - June 15, 2009 - Talend today announced the winners of the second annual Talend Awards, which recognizes innovative and effective business projects implemented with Talend's open source data integration technology. Cymat Technologies Ltd., Habitat 76 and Altic have been selected as winners for their submissions of high-performance, Talend-based deployments showing measurable operational gains.

This year, the Talend Award jury determined winners in three categories, "Best Technical Use," "Best Return on Investment/Best Business Gain" and "Best Performance." The Talend Awards were open to all users of Talend Open Studio, Talend On Demand, Talend Integration Suite, Talend Open Profiler and Talend Data Quality, regardless of geographical location, industry or goals of the nominated project. Nominees answered a questionnaire indicating which solution they are using and a description of the project, emphasizing any unique attributes and notable business results.

The winner in the "Best Return on Investment/Best Business Gain" category is Ontario, Canada-based Cymat Technologies Ltd. Cymat, an innovative materials technology company, receives the award for achieving a 90 percent time savings in its handling of data and automation for tasks related to compression testing on stabilized aluminum foam products. With this Talend deployment, the timing for processing test results, which previously took six hours, now takes less than 40 minutes to complete.

"The most important gain that Talend brings us is the simplification and automation of the calculation process," said Matthew Cook of Cymat Technologies Ltd. "In addition to this, most of our staff's background is in Materials Science & Engineering - not information technology. We found Talend surprisingly easy to use, and we were able to tap its incredibly helpful online community forums for answers to any questions we had."

For the "Best Technical Use" category, Habitat 76, an agency that manages subsidized housing in the Seine Maritime region of France, wins the award for its technical documentation project for public housing which automated the creation and maintenance of property listings, maintenance work and technical reports in its Alfresco enterprise content management system. As part of this project, Habitat 76 developed connectors to Alfresco.

"We are proud to receive this Talend Award," said Nicolas Feray, research and development manager of Habitat 76. "This award is clear recognition of the work we are doing in IT services to provide better services to our residents and to optimize our IT investment. Talend Integration Suite is an enterprise grade data integration solution, but it's also an extensible solution, as demonstrated by the connectors that we have developed for our own use as well as for the use of the community."

For the "Best Performance" category, Altic, a systems integrator specializing in open source, receives the award for its Talend-based data integration and data quality deployments at Wonderbox, which sells gift vouchers and activity gifts. Altic was able to reduce its publishing task processing time from 20 hours to less than 15 minutes by implementing new data processes, which extract large volumes of catalog data each day to send to its multi-channel distribution sites.

"Wonderbox has built its information system around open source products such as SugarCRM, MySQL, OS Commerce, etc.," said Marc Sallieres, CEO of Altic. "Talend's technologies, and especially the ELT approach, have allowed us to process massive amounts of data inside the database engine, accelerating - by several orders of magnitude - the processing of data. The performance gains we are recording are mind blowing and could not have been achieved with other solutions."

"The Talend Awards give us an inside look at the diverse array of interesting projects being implemented," said Yves de Montcheuil, vice president of marketing for Talend. "The impressive caliber and variety of projects we reviewed clearly prove once more Talend's suitability and flexibility for all companies, large and small, for many types of data integration projects. This year's winners were exceptional; we will continue to encourage them to share their feedback to benefit the rest of the Talend community."

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