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Screencasting to share tutorials, demos, training and more!

For few years, I'm seeking to the best way to create screencasts. Screencasting is the easiest way to rapidly share tutorials, demos, training, interview, meeting conclusion and develop the collaboration in a team. Now, a funny solution is available!
Screentoaster: a free service to create your own screencasting

ScreenToaster is a french start-up whose services are developed to enable people to share their know-how by making screencasts. The solution is very attractive :

  • The screencasting could be recorder and display in Windows, Mac OS or Linux

  • The record don't need any software installation - but need the flash plugin

  • This solution provide a high-quality screencasts streamed

  • The recorded screencasts look exactly like your screen

ScreenToaster is a free web-based screen recorder designed to capture your screen activity, audio and webcam images in real-time then publish and share your video in blogs and websites. Among the new features, you may find:

  • Live audio capture

  • Embed webcam in screen capture

  • Accelerated or slow-motion playback

  • Pauses during recording

  • Download the completed screencast

  • Redesign and improved content organization :)

Now, please, launch the demonstration below:

ScreenToaster use VNC, an open source video technology, to capture video frames directly at the level of the video driver. However, the final format is a proprietary format. Here is the list of the open sources project using:

In September 2008 the company launch a first round of capital from angel investors expert in the industry. I have not knowledge about the business model of this company... How win monney from this free service? Perhaps in the near future, this company provide a professional solution. Stay tuned!

Publication Date: 2009-01-25

Tag: web2.0 video communication elearning

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On 2009-05-05, Olivier:

ScreenToaster officially released this week 3 functionalities:

  • Upload your videos to YouTube in HD

  • Download in .mov

  • Beta Test our recorder API
    Let your users publish videos directly on your blog, forum, website or extranet.

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