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Talend Certification Program

In November, we have launch the Talend Certification Program. This exam is awarded to individuals who successfully complete a comprehensive online test covering all aspects of the use of Talend Open Studio.

Clients trusting a systems integrator to implement a solution or seeking to hire an individual want to be reassured that the consultants are indeed experts in the technology. Talend certification gives them this level of assurance.

Talend Certification ProgramA number of technical staff members from several Talend Alliance Partners have already received certification, including consultants from Altic, Dmoon, Elosi, Lunexa, Micropole Univers, Napstec, Open Wide, Systech, and Umanis. And you? Learn more on how to get certified!

Fabrice Bonan, COO and co-founder of Talend, explained: “The certification exam was developed and fine-tuned by consultants who are exposed to the many different ways our solutions are used on a daily basis. It's not an easy exam-you need an in-depth knowledge of Talend Open Studio to pass-but it is delivered in a fair and consistent way, and guarantees that certified individuals have mastered open source data integration.”

Exam Preparation

Read the User Guide and use Talend in a real data integration project. Talend offers two 3-day courses to assist in gaining knowledge and helping you prepare for taking exam. Refer to Talend Training section for details and schedule of public classes.


Taking the Exam

The exam, which is around ½ day in duration, needs to be taken online.

The exam requires you to complete a series of tasks. TIP: Since the test is timed, you may not have the luxury to rummage around trying to figure out an answer. Be prepared before you schedule the exam. Know Talend inside and out.

To gain your certification, you must take an exam. See below an extract of the exam:

  • My job contains two components on a green background (startable) and I checked the option Multithread. Which of my components runs first?

  • What are the criteria for choosing between the ETL and the ELT modes of Talend?

  • I have created a variable FileNameParam which contains the name of my parameter file PARAM.txt, how can I use it in my program ready to be deployed to production?

  • In a tJavaRow, how do I fill the column "name"?

Talend Certification Program

Benefits of Talend certifications

Talend certification provides an increased understanding of the planning, design, and maintenance of Talend products and technologies. A Talend certification provides higher morale and self confidence, besides handsome salaries and better opportunities for promotions. An Talend Certified Partners also gets invitations to Talend conferences, technical training sessions, and special events.

Attaining a Talend Open Studio Certification provides proof of your skills to create ETL and Data Integration jobs, using all the tools and features of Talend Open Studio. Talend certification can increase your earning and advancement potential. For these reasons, Talend provide an html code to embed the certification in your resume, in your social network profile or in your website:
Click here to see my Diploma :)

Talend Certification Program

Publication Date: 2008-12-21

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On 2012-08-02, praveen: Can you send me the link where i need to register for Talend certification

On 2012-08-02, praveen: any answer to above question? I already got the link http://info.talend.com/140.html
but while submitting the form it give me postal code not correct. however i am writing the correct code. I am from India.

On 2012-08-06, Olivier: Hi Praveen,

Only one way exists: this webform!
Could you please precised your postal code in a comment bellow? I will transfert this information to the team in charge of this webform.

But please, don't wait a fix and fill out this webform with other postal code (the postal code has no effect with the certification exam) :)

Best regards,

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