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An alternative to Google Analytics

Piwik is an Open Source solution to measure your website audience, that is a true alternative to Google Analytics and Xiti! One first big difference is that contrary to the two latter Piwik keeps your visitors’ data on your own server. That means you can be assured that nobody else gets access to them! It is undoubtedly a good point as tracking and personalized advertising are more and more unwelcomed by users.

Piwik will give you statistics about your website visitors according to:

  • tags used by visitors to access your website

  • geographical location of your visitors

  • duration of visits

  • pages that are most seen

  • clicks by visitors (2nd image)

  • and so on.

Localisation des internautespoints chaud

The website graphics are a good example for 2.0 : simple, intuitive and customizable. What’s more numerous widgets (code embed) can be inserted into your website:

  • last 30 days’ visits

  • browsers that are most used

  • country of your visitors

  • and so on.

For developers, there is an OPEN API to access analysis easily.

It is not the first try for such a tool but is the first time indeed that functionalities are almost the same as those of Google Analytics or Xiti. Piwik is in fact the last PhpMyVisites update. New functionalities were worthwile a change of name!

Like Google Analytics and Xiti, you will need a Javascript code on every page to obtain your statistics.

Piwik requires a Mysql database as well as the Php 5.1.3 version … you just can’t install it on Free :(


The source code is to be checked on sourceforge and the development is under Eclipse. The developers’ community will help you if you wish to add a plugin. You can participate to its development or create your own plugins.

Preview of the working eclipse IDE with php support

All companies are anxious about their visibility and their data security, I bet we will hear about that tool. Besides Piwik offers one more advantage compared to Google Analytics and Xiti’s functionalities: it allows you to create your personal consultation interfaces. That is you can insert Piwik analysis in your intranet dashboard or create your own analysis scripts. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the next Anaska’s catalog offers training about Piwik!

Publication Date: 2008-03-06

Tag: Open-Source map

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On 2008-06-07, Dr. Richard: I've only ever used Google Analytics so will try out Piwik. I'd always thought of Google Alternatives as things to do while you wait for them to PR your pages!!

On 2008-10-25, SEO South Africa: I have also only used Google Analytics. Does this product allow for us to add our logo to the Analytic reports, or customise them, so the reports become our own.

On 2010-01-01, Becca: Piwik is a great service for those looking for a server side alternative to Google Analytics.

On 2011-02-21, Herbert Malzahn: Piwik is not only an alternative for Google Analytics. The most important difference is that you are not forced to publish your facts to Google.

On 2011-03-08, Adam Clarke: piwik really is a step up. It is beautiful and easy to use. Very customizable.

On 2011-05-27, john: piwik is not free, take a look at open web analytics, it is 10 time more powerful, as nice as analytics open source ans 100% FREE

On 2011-05-29, Olivier: Hi John,

Piwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) real time web analytics software program, Piwik is 100% FREE.

Thanks to alert me around the Open Web Analytics, I will try to find the time to discover it :)

On 2011-11-16, Eric: I tried Piwik with one of my websites and I'd like to say that it is very impressive. The Iphone app is a way more nicer to use than the free equivalent for GA.

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