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How to promote a RSS feed?

I've lately found out about one of Feedburner functionalities. That one makes it possible to create animated images that announce your latest blog posts with their titles and dates. Several formats are available to be displayed on websites as banners or in email messages as signatures. Here is a post about these images as signatures: http://www.simpleentrepreneur.com/(...) signature-email.

As to banners on websites, they can reveal useful to stress on your blog particularly in the case of banners exchanges.

Some examples :

banner of ocarbone.free.fr

Blog d'Olivier Carbone

Should you wish to promote my blog, this is the HTML code that will help you insert the ?in your pages:
<a href="http://ocarbone.free.fr" title="Blog of Olivier Carbone"> 
<img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/ocarbone.gif?w=3&c=1&bb=ly9p"
title="Blog of Olivier Carbone" />

banner of Talend Blog

Talend Blog

Same thing here with their HTML code:
<a href="http://www.talendforge.org/blog" title="Talend Blog"> 
<img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/Talend.gif" title="Talend blog" />

Email signature:

Signature pour les emails

How to create your own banner:

  • connect yourself with a feedburner account

  • click on Publicize (menu in the horizontal bar)

  • click on Headline Animator (menu in the vertical bar)

  • click on Create New and have your form completed

Publication Date: 2007-10-05

Tag: marketing communication

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