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What's the social bookmarking?

In order to explain the social bookmarking, CommonCraft publishes a video presenting Del.icio.us.

This tutorial is much original! To present the use of the NTIC, CommonCraft has used several “pieces of paper”. The user is then concentrated on the very purpose of the service and not on the technical aspects. An idea one can follow.

Publication Date: 2007-09-23

Tag: web2.0 services NTIC video

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On 2007-10-08, leuisc: Hello

Very much for a long time searched for article on this theme.Thanks.

On 2008-03-08, Val: Have a look at http://www.entopica.com/, a new social bookmarking web site
Entopica is an online system that allows you to easily access, categorize, share and store your bookmarks online.
It is free to join and registration is both quick and easy.
Discover a whole new world of social bookmarking. It is user friendly and easy to use.

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