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How to synchronize a video and a powerpoint ?

Zentation is an online service that allows you to synchronize a video and a powerpoint presentation. Asynchronous training professionnal people often wonder how to tackle it... by the way do you know SMIL langage?

Subscription and service are totally free, yet Zentation also offers commercial services. You can in this case let them register the video, create the powerpoint and do their synchronization. Another service is the secured hosting of your presentation.

As shows Saleforce, companies can find themselves interested in such a service :

Zentation: Salesforce

Public videos can be viewed from zentation.com and can be integrated as widgets in other websites, as shown below:

At last, here is the page where you can get familiar with the synchronization of the two:


Publication Date: 2007-09-23

Tag: NTIC services web2.0 elearning video

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On 2007-09-25, Olivier: http://www.vcasmo.com is a similar service - with more usable formats.

On 2008-05-22, Bob: I had much trouble synchronizing sounds and animations in PowerPoint before I found this article from iSpring specialists.

On 2008-05-22, Olivier: Yes! 2 main versions of this product: iSpring 3.2 Free & iSpring 3.2 Pro. Good point, the free version is available to discover the solution without finance.

A friend use PowerPoint 2008 ... have you a solution?

On 2010-11-12, pptconverter: This is really a good tool that can overcome any inconvenience in synchronizing a video and a powerpoint. Thanks for sharing!

Meanwhile, I’d love to share another simple way to help people easily create rich, vivid, dynamic slide presentations. Just using the extremely powerful PowerPoint to video converter - the price is around 50$.

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