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WengoMeeting : a free videoconference service

WengoMeeting makes it available to access to videoconference for free. It is a simple graphical interface that anyone can handle. What technology is behind? The Flash pluggin that is compatible with PC, Mac or Linux, for instance. Most of personal computers are sold with the pluggin, that is why WengoMeeting can clearly state "no download or installation". Also no registration from the conference's participants is required: the service is opened to all and at any time!

Wengomeeting : Free videoconference

The video and audio quality is enough and even surprising if taking into account the "free service" aspect. As for all similar tools, it is recommended that you close other softwares on your desk before you start the videoconference.

The only true limit is that your conference will host no more than 5 participants.

Wish to use this service? Go to wengomeeting.com and fill in the form by indicating the email address of the participants as well as the date and the time of the meeting.

There is no possibility to share or to save files. It is a service based solely on oral exchanges. That is - for elearning training - it is of limited interest. Indeed most elearning courses need visual tools (blank board or diaporama) or even require the participants to actually handle files. As to get the service enhanced by screen sharing... it may be possible... but then you have to consider the installation step and other tricky technical points : broadband or administrator privilege!

Publication Date: 2007-06-25

Tag: video-conference services web2.0 elearning

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On 2008-01-05, mark: hello i have been finding softwares and website for the Live Video Conferencing Sytem, I mean live video conference and you really made my trouble easy by this very cool post. I am sure i will try this.


On 2009-01-22, Video Conferencing: Initially the concept of video conferencing was new to me but due to the change in technologies I felt that work and the performance of business can be effectively be increased positively due to the investment I made in more than one telepresence room.

However, many telepresence solutions are now standards based, so they are compatible with other desktop.

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