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Geographical location of a website's visitors

Last month I wrote about Frappr, a service that allows web visitors who are willing to to register themselves on a map.

Today here's another one: Clustrmaps gives an overview of visitors' geographical location without them being registered in the first place. I put the widget in the right sidebar and rather than talking about it, you just have to compare the two maps:


The maps are not thoroughly identical, yet if the illustrated blog appealed to visitors from a little more different countries then the difference between the two would eventually result unnoticeable :D

Some more details about Clustrmaps

  • the free service makes it possible to:

    • insert a small map on one's website (on the right, "They have come")

    • access to a bigger map by one click on the small map (public access to all and the map can be viewed on the Clustrmaps website)

  • the professionnal service makes it possible to:

    • insert a bigger map directly on one's website (with a zoom)

    • get a more complete restitution and tracking

    • protect the access to the map (confidentiality)

Publication Date: 2007-05-27

Tag: map

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On 2008-12-22, cian: I just have to say thanks for the Clustrmaps. Google Analytics was overkill for what we wanted, and this was perfect

Well done!

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