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Let me introduce WAMP5!

LAMP is an acronym often associated to the Web applications… because it makes it possible to publish contents on the web while using free tools.

But what does LAMP mean?

  • Linux: operating system (more precisely the free data-processing core)

  • Apache: free server HTTP (to host a website)

  • Mysql: free server of databases

  • Php (or Perl): free language of programming

To create the prototype of a LAMP application with Windows, I was using (until now) easyPhp (Windows software of Apache/Mysql/Php installation). I did also easyPhp in multi-media training! However easyPhp integrates the last Apache/Mysql/Php evolutions slowly

If you don't know WAMP5 (Windows Apache Mysql Php5) yet, download it here ! WAMP5 is an application similar to easyPhp… but that evolves more quickly. The author of WAMP5, Romain BOURDON, is one of Anaska's founders, the training center where today the training session has taken place (I spoke about it in my post yesterday ;) ).


Publication Date: 2007-05-15

Tag: Open-Source

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