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MyBlogLog, tracking and Yahoo!

Since the beginning of the Web some people have pointed out the lack of personal relations of the Web interfaces and have tried to humanize such relations between its users and the service that hides behind these interfaces.

MyBlogLog goes back toMarch 2005 and acts as a social network dedicated to the blogs' readers. It makes it possible to post the pictures of blogs' visitors automatically provided of course that they registered before to MyBlogLog.



Until now one discovers a new website thanks to its contents and more precisely thanks to the referencing of its contents. With MyBlogLog, one can view the readers of his or her site and one can thus discover their publications… this is thus another way of discovering new websites! This service also makes it possible to define a blog quickly… and could even allow communities to emerge!

MyBlogLog offers a free subscription as well as one with a payable fee (25$ annual), one that includes in particular access to detailed statistics.

At the end of 2006, MyBlogLog was bought by Yahoo for a value estimated at 10 million dollars. Admittedly the service is an innovator one and it does appeal to its public, yet how to justify such a financial investment?

MyBlogLog allows you to consult the statistics of access for your blog, that is it keeps trace of your visitors, their clicks… in particular regarding clicks on advertising. The information happens to be very interesting for Yahoo as they can compare the use of Google AdSenses' advertising with theirs. Technical advice about it? Click here!

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Note: however the service is criticized for its tracking functionality… and reveals itself sensitive to recent spaming: a publicity of approximately 20px on 20px may fit into your widget of MyBlogLog.

Publication Date: 2007-05-23

Tag: marketing web2.0 social-network

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On 2007-05-24, Olivier: With MyBlogLog, Yahoo is coming to the world of blogs... now the answer of Google: Google has acquired Feedburner!

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