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For once, at the back of the room…

It is several weeks since the Talend Open Studio's training integrated the innovations of the v2 - out since April 23. The training documents are up to date, our partners' training centers are integrating it gradually and I'm taking part in the first training session on that new version as an observer.

Today, I am in Anaska, a training center dedicated to open source tools. Olivier D. is presenting Talend Open Studio to a group of 5 people.

For once, I am at the back of the room… and I'm watching… Olivier D. is doing very well: he seems to have integrated all the innovations of the v2 and thus does not need my help. I'm taking advantage of it to write this post… but "sh!", if he's aware of it, he will want me to stand in front of the white board ;)

Anaska - Formation ETL Utilisateur : Talend Open Studio

About the training:

The first day is about theory and practical in the same time in order to make the audience install the software and to have them discover the functionalities and the various components. Tomorrow, we will carry out a pratical in order to move away from academic cases that we tackled the first day and in order to use the software in a more realistic context.

For more information, please visit www.talend.com!

Publication Date: 2007-05-14

Tag: talend Open-Source elearning

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