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Public awareness/Mobilization: when Google gets involved

Benefiting from the support of Google in order to develop ludic applications is not common! Here are two news I read on Neteco.com:

The Darfur viewed by Google Earth
Said to be the first genocide of the XXIth century, the Darfur massacres have been displayed in the cartography software: Google Earth. You can view how much north-eastern Sudan is damaged by exactions. The American Holocaust Memorial Museum has participated in the developement of the module you can find here http://www.ushmm.org/googleearth/crisisindarfur.kmz.

On the map flags represent more than 1600 destroyed or damaged villages and pictures and videos are put at disposal by the American museum. Several links point towards humanitarian organizations' reports you should read.

source: soudan-google-earth-cartographie-massacres.html

Environnemental issues in Google Earth
The UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) appealed to big computing firms in order to publicize environmental issues among public opinion as well as professionnals. A first partnership was concluded with Google. With this program, you can view several blue boxes on the map to show current and forthcomming environmental issues. The information is here completed by Before/After photos.

source: environnement-google-earth-microsoft.html

A firm like Google will not invest in all projects, but benefit from their support is undoubtedly a good media factor!

Publication Date: 2007-05-04

Tag: Environnemental NTIC

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