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Public awareness/Mobilization: Serious Games or Advergaming?

The previous post talked about serious games in the non lucrative area. Indeed they appeal to me for their educational prospects... others tend to be interested in other goals:

http://www.chiquita.be/game/: the game of Chiquita Belgium is a strategy game. The player builds up and manages a banana plant farm while respecting employees and environnement. In the past the company was criticized in these two fields : environnement and non respect for workers. Efforts were made and the situation may have changed. The thing now is to get a 'clean' public image. Thus the game is the way for them to explain how they manage their company and to emphasize on their efforts.

http://www.turnitalloff.com/: there are three steps. The first one gives information only, then you get the serious game and finally there is a calculator to evaluate electricity savings. The goal is to have the player realize how much he/she can save each time light is switched off whenever not in use. The true aimed public is companies: this is a game by 1E, an international firm that sells products able to switch off computers every night.

Publication Date: 2007-04-29

Tag: marketing Serious-Games

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