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Training / Open source software

Through the past years I was experimented solely in proprietary software. Several months have passed since I started working on Talend Open Studio through developing and now training. Here are my observations.

Cooperation between the R&D team and the Training team

It is much easier when as part of the Training team you truly cooperate with the developers. This is the condition for you to anticipate new training tools. Exchanges about the software working and the way to have it understood, others about the best uses to forward... they all take into account the necessary technology evolutions.

The developer is said to be solitary and certainely is! Well, I am pleased whenever one of them in Talend will who show up with a new functionality and examples to describe it! This is the developer who can tell you which points are relevant when it is time to tackle the training part. Possibly this is the true change for me as a member of the Talend community : cooperation between the two.

Milestone version and Major version

Talend developers make it possible to have a new Milestone version on a very regular basis... and a Major version announced every three months. The training part has to follow as easily. Once again cooperation enables it!

Milestone versions are not intended to production and therefore can integrate bugs. This is why training will be held only with the Major versions.

Milestone versions are useful to developers indeed, they are helpful for trainers too! Whenever a functionality is being developed, it is available within the Milestone version and can be held with. Should its use happens to be irrelevant or disconnected with other functionalities, a dialog with the developers and sometimes beta users will help to sort it out.

Publication Date: 2007-03-10

Tag: Open-Source talend elearning

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