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Who translates this blog ?

I hope to share the information published here with as many people as possible. The site offers you two equal parts : one English and one French, each page is intended to be written in both languages.

Yet, it seems like grammar is no friend of mine... some words are deceptive... others are stuck in dictionaries...

So thank you Yasmina for translating every single page and having the English part of the weblog been read!

Translator Note (!) :

DinoEvery single page... dear!

That won't be a word to word translation, as I don't feel like going back to school! But rather an adapted translation under your kind control ;)

Agreed? Agreed!

Update on May 14th:

Good news! Olivier intends to translate himself his posts! I'm sure he'll get more and more confident about it.

Publication Date: 2007-03-02

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