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50 Years of Amnesty International!
To celebrate this 50th anniversary, the French section of Amnesty International launch the game Bulletproof available on Iphone and Ipad! Available in 5 languages, this application educates us on the Amnesty goal: the human rights. The games avai...
Les nouveaux dispositifs de formation
Les besoins des apprenants évoluent rapidement et les modes d'apprentissage se diversifient. Par conséquent, la formation évolue et s'enrichit notamment d'une couche 2.0 ! L'intérêt premier de ces changements est d'offrir des solutions pédagogi...
Public awareness/Mobilization: Serious Games or Advergaming?
The previous post talked about serious games in the non lucrative area. Indeed they appeal to me for their educational prospects... others tend to be interested in other goals: http://www.chiquita.be/game/: the game of Chiquita Belgium is a strate...
Public awareness/Mobilization and... Serious Games
Video games or even role plays, serious games belong to the category of educational and social games. They are often used to get public awareness regarding social issues, that is why they are called Serious. That new kind of games appeals to me fo...

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