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Talend Community Coders

In november 2011, Talend have launched the Community Coders Program, an initiative to provide a single source of information on all contributions made by Talend to open source community projects :)

Launched at ApacheCon North America 2011, the program allows community members and contributors to engage and discuss their work on open source projects. Details can be viewed on the program website at http://coders.talend.com.

The Community Coders Program website contains valuable resources for community members, such as:

  • Projects – Information on projects that program members are contributing to.

  • Blogs – A collection of blog posts from program members, providing informational and instructional commentary on specific projects or features.

  • Events – A listing of upcoming events where program members will be speaking or attending.

  • Profiles – Background and biographical information on open source contributors at Talend.

To more information about the members, please click on the picture below :)

Daniel-KulpHadrian ZbarceaSergey BeryozkinJean-Baptiste OnofréGlen MazzaColm O hEigeartaighChristian SchneiderOlivier Lamy

Open source is part of Talend’s DNA,” said Ross Turk, Senior Director of Community at Talend. “Our products are based on open source technology, and our contributions help to keep that technology cutting-edge and vibrant. We’ve established the Talend Community Coders program to consolidate our contributions, make them more visible, and encourage our teams to continue or expand their participation to key projects.”

As an open source vendor, Talend’s support of community projects is an important part of its business strategy. This support is reflected in the company’s policy to grow and nurture a world-class R&D team whose members are actively contributing to open source communities :)

Talend’s contributions to strategic open source projects are beneficial to everyone involved,” said Fabrice Bonan, COO and co-founder of Talend. “Open source projects receive meaningful contributions from our highly-qualified engineers, and in return we get access to the best available technology for our enterprise-grade solutions. Our users and customers benefit from expert support, delivered by developers with intimate knowledge of the underlying technology. Not only are these contributions the mark of the ‘good open source citizen’ that Talend strives to be, they also provide clear benefits to all.”

Publication Date: 2011-12-21

Tag: Open-Source

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On 2012-02-14, Anchit: Hi,
Can you help me out for applying Dynamic Schema for columns in Talend Open Studio , anyhow by changing java code of some component or using components itself.

I am not using TIS nor any commercial version of Talend. TOS is a freeware.

Thanks in Advance

Anchit Aneja

On 2012-02-15, Olivier: You are not a Talend customer? It's not a problem, the users are welcomed on TalendForum, TalendExchange and more!

The forum on TalendForge is the preferred venue for discussions, questions, or assistance requests on Talend’s solutions. By this way, you can ask questions to other Talend community members an our experts, trainers and R&D Engineer. Feel free to join the Talend Forum to benefit of the help of our experts

Since Talend 4.1.2, the Dynamic Schema could be implemented in our job. Please find a demonstration on dynamic-schemas-in-talend-open-studio :)

At end, you can modify the components include in the Studio and create your own components. The Talend Exchange is the place where the community shares extensions to Talend’s tools, like their components. Please visit the Talend Exchange to browse what’s available, or to share your extensions.

Hope this help!

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