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Social Network Apprendre 2.0

Since November 1st 2007, Florence Meichel has been inviting people to take part in a social network named Apprendre 2.0. Education and training professionals share their experiences and exchange points of view.

Members of Apprendre 2.0

Participants are growing and they happen to come from diverse universes. If subjects are quite varied, they are all about the same thing: passion for sharing knowledge!

You can write in English or French ... yet French is for the moment the most common use. That network is open to all and to quote the welcome message, "the only constraints are to subscribe and develop exchanges and ideas in mutual respect!". The url is: http://apprendre.2point0.org.

About her profile, Florence says : "I act within the network Apprendre 2.0 as an independent person: no company behind! ... I hope that we all get back new skills from this shared experience so that they are enhanced in each one's specific area!"

The platform is Ning. It is composed of a multi-author blog, a forum and a mailing box. Many functionalities and as much as RSS feeds. That is you must be technically aware to benefit from all of them! Otherwise you will stick to the main ones only. (update: in 2011, the network leave Ning and migrate on a open-source architecture)

To get an idea of the latest messages:

Forum - Apprendre 2.0

The code for the banner is:
<p style="margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:0; padding-bottom:0; text-align:center; line-height:0">
<a href="http://apprendre.2point0.ning.com/">
<img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/Forum-Apprendre20.1.gif" alt="Forum - Apprendre 2.0" style="border:0">

Publication Date: 2007-12-16

Tag: communication elearning social-network

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