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Enterprise 2.0

I have heard much about Enterprise 2.0 since I read Fred Cavazza's post dated July 24th : "What is an enterprise 2.0?" - Thanks to Hicham for sending it ;)

The numerous comments to this article reveal how today the concept Enterprise 2.0 is much appealling. You can read through more specifically Gilles Misrahi's comment.

Also to be read Gilles Satgé's professionnal experience in counselling companies during 5 years towards new technologies of information and communication. Undoubtedly moving to the Enterprise 2.0 requires a true change will.

Web 2.0 services are more and more common and well-known. That is, enterprises that are slow to react to such a change may find themselves in a surprising situation : employees may use blogs and public forums to organize brainstormings themselves or even use files sharing and visioconference services why not!... What about the data security of a company then!

Entreprise 2.0 by FredCavazza.net

Publication Date: 2007-08-10

Tag: web2.0 NTIC

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On 2007-09-22, Olivier:

The following schema is extracted from "Organization 2.0 is organism 2.0", an article published by Teemu Arina on http://tarina.blogging.fi.


Organization 2.0

On 2008-07-28, Is the phenomenon 2.0 that worthwhile? - [ Blog ocarbone.free.fr ]: [...] Enterprises obviously were to join the party! With langages servers came intranets. Gathering and capitalization are important words to all companies and computing solutions have always been looked after. At the beginning information was pushed to employees but after a while new solutions were found to collect information. Web 2.0 has changed the way we use the Internet. Intranets take into account the capacity for employees to produce content. To get more information about it, here is an article I wrote: Entreprise 2.0. I stress on the fact that enterprises should consider the phenomenon 2.0.

Enterprise 2.0 is necessary. There is a true change in employees regarding the phenomenon 2.0. [...]

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