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Talend On Demand: « Software as a Service »

Talend Open Studio enables to generate Perl or Java scripts dedicated to the data integration. Talend Open Studio will store the development project directly on your hard drive. It enables the export and the import to differents sticks that are part of the project: it makes it possible for several users to collaborate. Yet for further true collaboration most users wish they could share the same storage space. Above all they wish they could benefit from usual collaborative functionalities such as versioning, read only mode, users' rights.

Talend On Demand offers such functionalities to its users! Now you can work with several people on the same project within a remote repository. That is the Project Owner and the Project Manager will truly collaborate, for instance ;)

Talend On Demand is the first offer for Open Source data integration that uses the SaaS model (Software as a Service).

Talend On Demand is free if you are two and requires a payable fee for more people. You are welcome to try it for free and with no condition by suscribing on Talend website.

Talend On Demand

Publication Date: 2007-07-29

Tag: talend Open-Source services

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