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OpenWengo: phone via Internet

Wengo is a phone operator via Internet, a service that uses VoIP. Based on an open source software and/or a "box", the operator offers an unlimited phone solution at a very small price: 7€ a month.

You can use it with a phone number or a pseudo. The WengoPhone software offers functionalities of communicating tools compatible with many other messengers - google, hotmail, msn.

If (like me) you are a Skype user and you're wondering whether it is a good choice, I recommend this page. I like the plugin Unyte in particular in Skype. It makes it possible to share your screen ... and therefore to access to a virtual classroom in a way. I found no equivalent in the Wengo services. Does anyone know about a Wengo plugin to share screens?

To learn more about the WengoPhone software, please visit their community's website.


Publication Date: 2007-06-30

Tag: video-conference Open-Source services

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On 2007-10-23, rock: i believe that this is software is very proffessional one, this will produce beneficial results who usually making phone call through internet.

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