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How to send large file attachments

We all have experienced the big file you just can't send from your email address because it is too big! Lately I tried to myself, I then discovered and used one of the free services dedicated to answer such situations ... here's today a brief presentation of those services.

They allow to upload a file from a server and to download it simply by typing in your browser an address like this one http://services.com/?id_document=414.

They all present a short form to:

  • choose your file

  • link the file with a message

  • define your recipients' email addresses

Once the file is downloaded, an automatic message is being sent to your recipient to inform that the file is ready to be received. Within the email, your initial message appears and there is a link you just click on to start the downloading.

One tip. I always give my email address as a recipient so that I'm the only one to receive the notification. I write down the url address I am given in the email message I send to my name... with no advertising ;)

Among other researches, here are 3 good addresses:

Transférez ces fichiers avec Free

Free offers a free service that is most interesting for its functionalities.

  • download of files up to 5Go !

  • protection of the downloading through a password

  • possibility to erase files from the server any time

  • possibility to send the notification to different email addresses (without advertising)

  • BEWARE: when I experienced the service on May 2007, Firefox often showed the following "The connexion with the server was down". That is: you just can't send a file bigger than 1Mo :(

  • UPDATE: On september 2007 the service is ready and you can send very large file

Transférez ces fichiers avec MailBigFile

MailBigFile offers a simple form directly on its homepage. The service is free as to its basic offer but some other options with a fee admission are interesting too.

  • basic service:

    • the maximum size of files is 100Mo

  • there is an annual subscription: 15€

    • download of files bigger than 2Go (no limits, or at least they give none)

    • secure encrypted transfer

    • possibility to erase files

  • a more complete offer for 37€ a month :

    • protection with a password

    • branding of the email template, the download page and even of the form

    • detailed tracking

Transférez ces fichiers avec YouSendIt

YouSendIt offers too a simple form to fill in directly on its homepage. Once again the basic service is free and you may be interested in subscripting to other functionalities.

  • basic service:

    • the maximum size of the files is 100Mo

  • an interesting offer from 19.99€ a month:

    • protection with a password

    • branding of the email template and the download page

As MailBigFile points out rightly, such services answer two situations:

  • when people try to send big files

  • and when people wish to receive big files!

Besides magigraphi that prints our training guides have a similar service directly on their website. Too bad if they could not conclude a contract simply because they have problems in sending or receiving documents!

Publication Date: 2007-05-27

Tag: communication

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On 2009-11-23, Ramineni: Sending large attachments consume so much space everywhere. Consider this, an employee sends a 50 MB report and makes sure his/her boss is copied, and the recipient boss is copied. Now, there are four people who has a copy of the report although only two of them really care about it. Just not that, the mail servers enroute may store a copy in it's cache, it's backed up so many times and the list goes on. No wonder, we are becoming more and more space hungry.

We at www.sendeaZy.com have developed a solution similar to what Nando described - with a number of bells and whistles. Would like to add more bells and whistles as time progresses.

On 2011-07-06, John: try http://b2bfiles.net, we use it over here at the studio

On 2011-07-21, Kowaken: Using this service for sending large files really help.You may visit our website http://www.remotia.com/ and lets share some ideas about this post. Thanks!

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