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Talend Open Studio v2.0 is out now!

The Talend Open Studio v2.0 is now avalaible on www.talend.com.

Regular comments from Talend community users made it possible to understand the needs of the firms and to anticipate the evolution of the software.

Talend Open Studio v2.0

On the menu of the v2.0 :
The generation of scripts in Java or Perl language. Until now scripts were written solely in Perl language. The jobs will benefit from the rapidness of Java language treatment.

ELT components (Extract, Load, Transform) able to transform data and mapping directly on database engines. This architecture makes it possible to execute jobs more rapidly while using less ressources.

Components dedicated to numerous database engines. Talend Open Studio generates native SQL code optimized for every database.

Along with that (which performs jobs created by Talend Open Studio) there are different new components: tFor, tSleep, tZip, tFileFetch, tFileCompare ...

To get more information: http://www.talend.com/products-data-integration/whats-new.php

Talend Open Studio v2.0:
Pre-compiled binaries: http://www.talend.com/download.php
Documentation: http://www.talend.com/ressources/documentation.php
Source Code: http://www.talend.com/ressources/source-code.php

Publication Date: 2007-04-25

Tag: Open-Source talend

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