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Your job description just changed, now you are a Part-Time Data Scientist!Take a look around you Big Data is no longer a buzzword. Data volumes are exploding and so are the opportunities to understand your customers, create new business, and optimize your existing operations.No matter what your current core competencies, if you're not a part-time data scientist now, you will be.The ability to do light data science (you don't have to become a full bore PhD data maven in this new environment) will be as powerful a career tool as an MBA. Whether you're in finance, marketing, manufacturing or supply chain management, unless you take on the mantle of part-time data scientist in addition to your other duties, your career growth might be stymied.Successful companies today are data-driven. Your role is to be one of those drivers. As a 'data literate' employee comfortable slicing and dicing data in order to understand your business and make timely, innovative decisions, you have can have a positive impact on your company's operations and its bottom line.

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