Live Services thanks Helpouts by Google

HelpOuts is a community gathering experts from various areas. Whether you are looking for advice on computing or food, HelpOuts will help you to get in touch with a related advisor willing to answer your questions.

The platform is in English. There are advanced collaboration functionalities such as a free videoconference service that needs no technical requirement beforehand ;)

Along with that, you can also take an appointment with an advisor and of course there are administration tools to manage relations between you and the advisor, whether they are going fine or turning bad!

The experts can have their services payable. The amount is based on the duration of the video conversation, and there are still many experts who offer a free helpouts, without charge.

The HelpOuts platform is opened to all people: professionnal, independent workers... Wengo say they make fake phone calls to check the quality of the advisors' services. What can really make the difference between good and bad ones will be the rates and opinions given by users.

This article was already published in 2007, to introduce Wengo Desk, a similar services launched by Neuf Cegetel. Nothing is new, the business model for a services platform exists on the web since (at least) 5 years. I have copy/paste the article, and just change the Wengo by HelpOuts... not more because nothing is new. However, thanks Google, the platform is more visible!

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