The Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention: It is our shared responsibility to act!

How the technologies can help us again Genocide, Mass rape, Ethnic cleansing? Discover the challenges and the selected projects!

These and other mass atrocities threaten our security and offend our conscience. Here in the 21st century, we are now empowered by new technologies that can help prevent these crimes. It is our shared responsibility to act. This Tech Challenge will award prize money of up to $10,000 to the problem-solvers who develop innovative concept papers and prototypes that help us better respond to the following critical issues.

Discover the following (open source) projects to better understand how the tech can help the humanity:
-CrisisTracker: an alternative way to browse social media activity around large-scale events, in particular disasters. The system automatically tracks a set of keywords and detect the stories. It helps analysts find where reports originated and to get in contact with sources (Twitter accounts).
- ServalProject a revolutionary, free, open-source software under development for mobile telephones, letting them communicate even in the absence of phone towers and other supporting infrastructure!

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