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What's new in Talend v5.3? Acquisition of Oakland Software, new features/more supports for Hadoop, Pig, NoSQL, Amazon BD, Couchbase, CouchDB and more!
What's new in Talend v5.3?

Talend v5.3 sees a number of key enhancements including:

  • Hadoop is the engine
    • Game-changing features that enable corporate data developers to immediately start developing with Hadoop and big data, without the need to learn MapReduce
    • Unparalleled Apache Pig developer tools, including a new Pig mapper and support for UDF (user defined functions) development
    • Support for parsing semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Additional NoSQL Support and Amazon big data
    • Support for Couchbase, CouchDB and Neo4j
    • Support for Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) and we added EC2 administration components for good measure.
  • SOA Service Registry and Identity Management
    • Supporting larger SOA deployments just got a whole lot easier with embedded service registry, authentication and authorization capabilities.
  • Acquisition of Oakland Software to enhance B2B and rich data mapping support
    • Oakland SoftwareÂ’s technology is an eclipse-based data transformation tool with rich data format support for complex XML, Java, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), X12, B2B and COBOL.

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